Types of Coatings Available:
Epoxy and Enamels
Metalizing - Zinc and Aluminum
Vinyl Esters
Correcote Underground Coatings
Cold Tar
Water Borne
Rhino Lining Polyurethane
Multiple Paint Systems
Moisture Cure Zincs
Novalac Tank Linings



At Oesterling's Sand Blasting, we specialize in the application of sophisticated coatings and linings. With the ability to fully control temperature and humidity, difficult systems are applied year round. We apply: waterborne and solvent based coatings, alkyds, epoxies, enamels, correcote underground coatings, phenolic, water borne, urethanes, vinyl esther, coal tar, plural component products, polyureas, bitumastic polyurethane, inorganic and organic zincs, arc and flame spray metalizing, and belzona and ARC ceramic filled coatings.

Our coatings of substrates include: galvanized metal, aluminum, concrete , cast, wood, fiberglass, core 10 steel, iron and steel, and dectile steel.

Our extreme coatings include: metalized sprays, flame spray (zinc, alum), heated component, submerged applications, highly corrosive applications, and 100% solids underground applications.

For more information on our coating services please contact us at
(724) 282.1391 or via email at 686@oesterlingssandblasting.com
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